Stormwater modeling made easy and collaborative

A new AI-accelerated model for sustainable stormwater management that helps experts and stakeholders collaborate - easy, goal-oriented and ideal for distributed teams.

Don't let clunky tools keep you from creating sustainable cities

Are non-inclusive tools alienating crucial and creative engagement?

Are work-silos keeping you from using more nature based solutions?

Are negative side-effects getting uncovered late? And adding costs?

Re-imagine stormwater modeling

Imagine a world where municipalities, water utilities, consultants and others can work together on urban drainage planning and truely collaborate.

Inclusive and collaborative

With InflowGo, everyone can gather around a large screen, start testing ideas and see the impacts in seconds or minutes.

Super fast AI

At its core InflowGo has machine learning algorithms that describe the hydrodynamic behaviour of urban drainage networks - and it's super fast.

Intuitive user interface

On the surface, InflowGo is an easy-to-use modern web-app that is synchronized across locations and devices.

The numbers you need

Whether you’re exploring the impacts of green gardens or larger pipes, InflowGo gives you average and extreme statistics from long time simulations of water levels in manholes, flows in pipes, discharge to terrain, overflows and carbon footprint.

Collaboration has never been easier

Unleash your team’s creativity

Fire up creativity, brainstorming and collaboration as you get from idea to impacts in minutes.

Get stakeholders engaged

Explore options on the spot so everyone gets actively involved.

Customize climate scenarios

Always view both present and future performance with built-in climate scenarios.

Enjoy the lightning speed

Never again wait for long term simulations to run through the night. Never leave ideas untested.

Smartboard, laptop, tablet, phone or all

Work at a smartboard, or on your laptop or tablet. Or all at once. Even your phone helps for several tasks.

Work together whereever you are

Work together in one room, from home or even from the side of the world. All is in synch all the time. No refresh needed.

Get inspired by impact-maps

Impact-maps show you actions will have the greatest impact on your goals.

Extend, split and merge proposals

Keep track with 'Scenarios' that let you extend, split and merge project proposals.

Compare and contrast with ease

Easily compare and contract proposal actions and impacts in table and graphs.

Create summary slides and share

Forget long reports that nobody reads. Collect your main results in sharable slideshows.

Stop fiddling with model calibration

Fast automated calibration lets you use monitoring data to get you model closer to reality.

Sustainable stormwater management needs people to work together. InflowGo makes it easy.

We know the feeling

We know what it feels like, when old tools hold you back, keep experts in their silos, keep stakeholders out of the loop and slows down the planning process. That is why we have combined +25 years of experience in stormwater management, hydrology and hydraulics, machine learning and software development to create a new AI-accelerated model for sustainable stormwater management that helps experts and stakeholders collaborate. InflowGo builds on years of research and development in close collaboration with water utilities and universities.

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